Pinos Altos Cabins are nestled on a tree-shaded hillside at 7000 feet in the Pinos Altos Mountains. We're The Best Location — just outside of Silver City, New Mexico!
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Area Photos

From rugged mountains in the north to high deserts in the south, Grant County and the Old West corner of southwestern New Mexico provide an amazing diversity of landscapes, wildlife and activities.

Take a few moments to look over these images, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can answer any questions or assist you as you plan your visit.

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Aspen trees out McKnight Road. Gila National Forest.

Fall Aspens, Gila National Forest.

Fall in the mountains.

Winter in the forest.

Cherry Creek Canyon. Near Pinos Altos.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

Gila Cliff Dwellings.

Gila Cliff Dwellings.

Hell’s Half Acre.

Hell’s Half Acre.

Hiking in Hell’s Half Acre.

Petroglyph at Frying Pan Springs near Cooke’s Peak.

Petroglyph near Cooke’s Peak.

City of Rocks State Park.

Fort Cummings, BLM Historic Site.

Fort Cummings, BLM Historic Site.

Kilbourne Hole crater. Near the Mexican border.

Bear Canyon dam waterfall.

Gila River near Turkey Creek. Gila National Forest.

Gila River. Gila National Forest.

Gila River. West Fork and East Fork confluence.

Lake Roberts. Gila National Forest.

Fishing in Bill Evans Lake.

The Catwalk National Scenic Trail, near Glenwood.

The Gila River, near Gila.

A view of Mogollon Baldy.

Off road, near Saddle Rock.

Off the beaten path in the Gila National Forest.

Historic Clevland Mill Site.

Along Bursum Road, Gila National Forest.

Javelina (Collard Peccary) near Pinos Altos.

Mule deer near Lake Roberts. Center animal exhibits the rare ’light phase’ coloration.

Rattlesnake near Pinos Altos.

Black Tailed Rattlesnake. Near Glenwood.

Hummingbirds are frequent visitors to Pinos Altos Cabins.

Hummingbird frenzy.

Hummingbird food dual.


Pronghorn antelope near Cookes Peak.

Pronghorn antelope.

Pinos Altos Cabins.

Western New Mexico University in Silver City.

Silver City.

Pinos Altos, as seen from Pinos Altos Mountain.

Main Street, Historic Pinos Altos.

Museum and Curio shop, Pinos Altos winter.

A rare Pinos Altos blizzard.

The Buckhorn Saloon and Pinos Altos Opera House.

Pinos Altos Opera House Melodrama.

A pot (Olla) from Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

Historic Downtown Silver City.

Billy the Kid’s mother’s grave site.

Charros de Hurley rider in Silver City Rodeo Parade.

Silver City Rodeo Parade.

Tyrone Copper Mine.

Giant ore truck in Tyrone Mine.

Rainbow near Gila Hot Springs.

The La Capilla Heritage Park project in Silver City.

La Tienda Rosa (The Pink Store) in Palomas, Mexico.

Shopping at La Tienda Rosa (The Pink Store) in Palomas, Mexico.